Tongue and Cheek – Frogs


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These three handsome frogs are sitting beside their pool spawning new ideas. Smooth skinned, except for their bellies, and still glistening from their last dip, the most languid has allowed his tongue to drop right down to his elegant toes as he leans back in the sun. The other two pose displaying their fine, flexible form.

Even the mouse is posing, wedged between two bare cheeks. There are no inscriptions or inner carvings. Interior hallmarks include © and HBC logo.

“Tongue & Cheek” was carved by British sculptor Peter Calvesbert in 1994. Hand cast and tinted in the Cotswolds region of England, this box figurine features three handsome frogs.

Harmony Kingdom produces an incredible line of box figurines that combine animals you could see anywhere, doing things that you would never see them doing. Each is cast out of crushed marble and resin, then hand painted so every piece is different.

Dimensions: 2″ x 2″