Pot Sticker – Hedgehog


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Carved by master carver Peter Calvesbert, “Pot Sticker” features a hedgehog stuck in a flower pot. Clusters of green leaves surround the base of the flower pot, and you will find Peter’s signature mouse hiding under a leaf. This cute hedgehog was only in the Harmony Kingdom line for three months; “Pot Sticker” was released in January 2000 and retired in March 2000.

“Pot Sticker” is from the Mini Treasure Jest Series, and is therefore a bit smaller than the usual Treasure Jests. There is no carving on the inside of the box, only a “treble clef” Harmony Ball logo. The bottom has a Harmony Kingdom sticker with information, including the “made in England” info, and the top portion has the stamped logo.

Harmony Kingdom produces an incredible line of box figurines that combine animals you could see anywhere, doing things that you would never see them doing. Each is cast out of crushed marble and resin, then hand painted so every piece is different.

Dimensions: 1.65″ x 1.65″ x 2.4″