Chimney Swift


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Chimney swifts nest from the Great Plains east throughout the US and Southern Canada. They are most common in towns and cities with old chimney infrastructure. However their population is declining as towns modernize. The natural analogs for swift roosting and nesting would be caves and large tree cavities. The rapid expansion of brick buildings and their chimneys back in the 1800’s probably allowed them to expand their population. Today as more old chimneys are capped or taken down it would be wise to mitigate with specially designed swift nesting towers because the birds are an asset to urban places by eating lots of insects.

Jabebo Earrings are made with cereal box paperboard which is a wood fiber that may have gone through paper recycling several times before. Used paperboard is usually not selected for continued recycling because most of its wood fibers are worn and saturated with ink from previous use.

These original designs are fun, sophisticated, and created with science and nature as a source of inspiration. The mismatched sides expand on the theme in a way that often adds interest and educational value.

Designed and handmade in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.